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Sulle Tracce Della Meraviglia


Raffaele Quattrone accompanies the audience on an artistic journey to discover some of the best Contemporary art from the last decades. Streamed to you in 4K and UHD.

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Raffaele Quattrone accompanies you on a journey to discover the history of contemporary art. A journey in 5 stages; in each stage, we will discuss a particularly relevant theme that unites the poetics of 2 extraordinary artists - protagonists of that specific stage. The selected artists are characterized by a strong message, an essential feature in the pandemic we lived not so long ago. 

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From the year 1700 onwards, the habit of making a journey with the intention of perfecting their knowledge spread among rich European aristocrats. It was an initiation journey where one learned from the direct experiences of the place visited, with direct intellectual and cultural exchange. Not only aristocratic individuals, but also writers, painters, and architects chose to embark on this journey, living the Grand Tour as a sort of open-air museum. Italy and Rome with its enclosing past, present and future become an obligatory stop.


Born in the middle of the pandemic, in a period in which it was forbidden to travel, MASTERPIECE. Sulle tracce della meraviglia is a journey, a discovery of international contemporary art with Rome as a base. This series will showcase Rome and Italy as locations connected to contemporary realities and capable of influencing the present and future. On this journey, Raffaele Quattrone, who wrote the project with the support of Alessandro Moreschini and Livia Savorelli, involved Piero Passaro as director and creator of the visual project, Francesco Quiriconi for the original music and Espoarte, Contemporary Art Magazine, Hotel de la Ville (Rocco Forte Hotels), ikonoTV, Associazione Nazionale Sociologi - Dip. ER, Real Academia de Espana en Roma, as well as a selection of Italian companies that carry the philosophy of Made in Italy in the world, and contemporary art magazines that have agreed to become media partners of the initiative (including Art a part of cult(ure), Artapp, Artuu Magazine, Exibart, Magazine Snippets, Insideart, Yogurt Magazine, Segno).


"Wonder is the feeling of wonder and surprise aroused by a new, extraordinary or unexpected thing or situation. It is historically seen as an important aspect of human nature being in particular linked to curiosity and the drive to intellectual exploration"

Philip Fisher, Wonder, the Rainbow and the Aesthetics of Rare Experiences, 2003.


This is the feeling that animates the project where some young actors (Stefano Paiano, Giulia Santullo, Arianna Sarghini, Carola Tangari) called "Friends of Masterpiece" and led by Quattrone as curator/presenter, begin a journey to discover the wonder through the artistic practice of ten international artists who collaborated directly with Quattrone to write the episodes. The language used is simple, everyday language that everyone will understand; the same goes for the appearance of Quattrone, who looks like a "boy next door" as opposed to a precise and formal presenter. The aim is to bring the world of contemporary art to the general public who normally watch TV and who do not always have the tools to follow a highly technical discourse on the subject. The will is to approach, not to move away, without this trivializing or be superficial.

The episodes include a short preview at the Hotel de la Ville (jewel of Rocco Forte inspired by the Grand Tour) where the protagonists, who ideally live here, prepare for the theme of the episode along with Christopher DiCas, the assistant to the researcher of wonders, a sort of narrator inspired by the aphorisms of Fabrizio Caramagna, the "researcher of wonders". From there, using bikes entirely handmade (symbols of freedom, female emancipation, environmental sustainability, etc.) the protagonists reach Rhinoceros (in the first episode) and Real Academia de Espana en Roma (from the second episode).

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