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Hotel de la Ville is the place where a show's protagonists would ideally live and prepare for the theme of the episode, together with the assistant of the researcher of wonder. Hotel de la Ville, one of the masterpieces of the Rocco Forte group, combines the traditional elegance of the Grand Tour with a refined contemporary aesthetic. In this regard, Tommaso Ziffer who, together with Olga Polizzi, was responsible for the sophisticated renovation of this extraordinary eighteenth-century palace, said, "Rome was one of the main destinations for gentlemen embarking on a Grand Tour of Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and many of them stopped here to study the culture, fashion, food and architecture of the place. The design and décor of the Hotel de la Ville is intended to evoke the objects and works of art that these aristocratic travelers would have collected during their trip."

Hotel de la Ville - Rocco Forte Hotels

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Since its creation in 1873, the Spanish Academy in Rome has played a pivotal role in the formation of many generations of Spanish artists and intellectuals. Even today, the Spanish Academy in Rome continues to be an essential tool in Spanish cultural policy abroad. Since 2001 it has also allowed Latin American and European Union countries to apply for a scholarship. In addition, through the annual calls, the Academy has opened up to new disciplines such as photography, video art, gastronomy, art and new technologies, fashion design, graphics, comics or artistic mediation.

Improvements are currently being carried out to let the artists and researchers of the Academy to be protagonists, a practice that had debased in recent years, with the aim of transforming the Academy into a center of artistic production and research of reference, without forgetting its significant role in relations and cultural exchange between Italy and Spain.

Real Academia de Espana en Roma

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The health emergency has led the television studios to rethink since they have found themselves empty, without a public audience, with guests connected via videoconference. Studio staff has been reduced to an essential minimum. The emotions, applause, and laughter that have always been a part of the television event have since fallen flat. Therefore, the program will be carried out inside the Palazzo Rhinoceros, headquarters of the Fondazione Fendi Esperimenti, and the result of an original restoration work by the French architect Jean Nouvel. "In the Velabro area - according to the legend about the birth of Rome - the basket with the twins Romulus and Remus was found. Inside, the gallery of the Foundation, always in connection to the external, according to the principle that inspires  Rhinoceros and Fondazione Alda Fendi - Esperimenti's philosophy: the continuous comparison between ancient and contemporary, between art that is inside and outside the environments in which it operates, in a fruitful contamination and interference exchange

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